Additional Services

In addition to the standard packages, we offer many individual items to help fit us into your vision. If you don't see something you're looking for specifically listed, just call and ask! We always want to hear from you.

Service Price
Nail Clipping and Grinding $15
Pad Cleanse, Repair, & Moisturizer* $10
Tea Tree Nail Conditioner* $5
Grapeseed Nose Moisturizer $5
Ear Cleanse and Condition $5
External Gland Expression with a Bath* $5
External Gland Expression without a Bath* $15
Tooth Brushing & Breath Freshening $5
Face, Feet, & Fanny Trim $15
Face (Bangs, Stop & Spray) Trim $10


Let's create a unique style for your pet!

Service Price
Temporary Color Stencil* Starting at $5
Feather Extensions $5
Sparkle Puppy Patches* Starting at $8
Rhinestone Ear Bling $2
Color Paw Nail Polish* $10
Nail Applique $2
Pawdicure Special* $25

*Not available as a walk-in service.